Newspaper Day checklist



  1. Students should try to prepare at least one story each beforehand and have ideas for new stories to write on the newsday

  2. Stories and ideas need to be based on or around the school and its community

  3. Students need to be available all day, and be prepared to miss breaks and have a shortened lunch break (if necessary)

  4. If the pupils/school has its own cameras/USB sticks/notepads and access to PCs/laptops that is really helpful

  5. A good-sized room, and preferably a second room where other activities (talks/quizzes/shorthand) can take place are required

  6. Make sure the rest of the school is aware of the project, so teachers/pupils can contribute material/ideas; but also so there is an understanding that pupils may want access to other pupils/teachers during the day for interviews

  7. Clearance on using pupils’ photos in the paper

  8. If the head teacher or principal can be available for a ‘press conference’ in the morning it helps enormously, so the pupils can add ‘official’ quotes to their stories

  9. The finished paper is a result of the pupils’ hard work, and while the head or head of department will sign off the pages before they go to the printers, the integrity of the paper should be left intact. All factual errors and other mistakes will, of course, be rectified, but to ensure pupils’ still retain ownership of the product the actual order and design of the paper should be left untouched where possible

  10. It helps enormously if the school can return the corrected pages as soon as possible. The proofs will be emailed to you and if they can be returned within a day or two, that ensures your paper is printed quickly and is still ‘current’ when it arrives at the school


                     If you want to save or print off the Newspaper Day checklist,
                     please download this Word document.

To help you and us, and to ensure the day runs smoothly, we have put together a checklist based on the experience gained over the 125 school newspapers already completed.

Students use industry-standard software to produce their newspaper pages.

Students work with journalism undergraduates.