Finding stories for your newspaper

A good newspaper should inform, entertain, educate, excite and challenge its readers, so the stories you gather should reflect one or more of those characteristics. Here are some tips to help you come up with story ideas.



News is all around you, you just have to look for it! What’s happening at your school? Check the notice boards, posters in the corridors, the school newsletter, the website…any of these may give you some story ideas. What's happening outside, any new buildings or improvements being made?


Your newspaper should be all about you and your school, so think about lessons, clubs, activities, trips and the people that make up the community. If your school has several hundred students and dozens of staff, there are many potential stories just waiting to be uncovered there!


Think about your year group, but also about the other years, what activities have you or others been involved in recently or are planned in the future? Don't ignore the community outside the school, how does your school interact with its local environment, there might be some interesting stories there.


There is bound to be lots of events happening in school, either run by the school or often the parent/teacher association, so find out!

Think about the different departments - humanities, art, business, languages, sport or science - what are they up to or what are they planning, have they had any recent success stories? What about the arts, are there any shows or concerts coming up soon?


A good reporter is never short of story get thinking!


For more help and advice, have a look at the PDF to the right.

A student journalist interviewing a teacher for her school newspaper.